Are You a Creator or a Consumer

Whether you are a business owner, an employee, a free-spirited artist, a baby, a person of advanced age, or a moose, this ideology affects you.

In this world we have two types of people; the creators and the consumers. There is somebody who makes the thing and another who digests it. From a piece of art to a piece of cake, there is somebody who makes it and somebody who takes it. This is not a piece to demean either side but to point out a very important concept that will help you live a more fulfilled life.

I do not buy into the limiting belief that some people are creators and others are made to simply consumer, Every single person was born with some inclination to create, it is a literal part of our genetic makeup. Sure, not everybody can write a song or paint a Basquiat style painting, but everybody has the capacity to create within their own gifts and talents.

It’s always fascinating how we tend to view those who have fully committed themselves to their craft as geniuses or some sort of superhuman. We praise Beyonce on stage and are enamored by the compelling screen performances of Hilary Swank. Yet when we look at ourselves, we see nothing more than a person who likes to listen to music and watch movies. We seldom take the time to explore ourselves and find out what it is that we have been gifted with. Our attraction and resonation to one piece of artwork or another might just be a compass in the direction of whatever it is we are called to. For example the most important woman in my life, next to the woman who birthed me, believed she was merely a lover and listener of music. This was until she challenged herself to put some rhymes to a beat. Now she’s created a plethora of self composed songs that get better by the listen. It took one defining moment for her to go from a consumer of the music to a creator.

Nothing on this planet is more liberating than the process of creation. It is the reason for our existence or at least gives a reason for it. From the creation of a business to the creation of a family; being a participant in the action is where life lives. The reason why television took off was because it allowed us to vicariously live through those who chose to live within their gifting. It is a subtle reminder of who we are within and the potential we have that has been dormant for so much of our lives.

This is no “how to guide” or call to action, but a subtle reminder that you are far more than a consumer. You are an endless vessel of creativity and it is only you who can find where that endless vessel lies.

Tinashe Hwande

(edited by Tayla M. Hasselbach)

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