Are You Needy?

How many times have you gotten into a conversation with someone and the first thing you asked was “how may I serve you?” When was the last time you went to an individual you needed something from and asked what you could do for them… don’t worry, i’ll wait.


Many of us carry around a needy energy. We go from one social interaction to another, thinking of what we can take from the conversation instead of what we can add to it. Even in giving advice or adding our opinions, often times we do so as a release for ourselves.

I am realizing more each day that the greatest gift I could give in a conversation is a listening ear and a genuine compliment. This also holds true when it comes to physical requests. I used to approach clients in a “what do I get out of this” mentality, simply because the other party did the same and therefore we were two opposing energies looking for our win.

One of greatest examples of needy energy I’ve heard was from a random old man on YouTube who was explaining how our neediness repels and our giving attracts. It may seem common sense that you will attract others if you are a giver, but the act of giving runs deeper than a physical exchange.

When we recognize our abundance through the act of giving, it is an indication to the universe that we have more than enough.

When we are needy however, the universe recognizes us as living a life of lack, which only brings more of that into our reality.


I used to think that if I “gave too much” I would have nothing left, but once I made the decision to come into interactions with something to offer before I asked for anything, my entire experienced changed.

Though our company is still in its baby stages, I have never experienced as much abundance as I do now, simply because I seek to be of service. I now seek to meet the needs of others as opposed living a life in need.

Tinashe Hwande

Edited by. Tayla Hasselbach

Stop Taking Advice From Everybody

Everyone has an opinion and we all deserve to express ours. However, taking the opinions of others and holding them as truths within our own lives is a sign that we may not know what we actually stand for, our true values and beliefs. I lived a majority of my young life in this place.


For some reason, I felt as if everyone else had answers that I myself did not have. I formulated  my own opinions off of the opinions of others and the saddest part about it was most of the people I listened to had no idea what they were talking about.

I used to take relationship advice from so-called “influencers” who had never actually held a healthy relationship, financial advice from people with very little money, and life advice from those who did not even value their own. Thus, most of the opinions I later held were subconscious; though I viewed myself as a “strong-minded” person, I caught myself speaking like the individuals who I surrounded myself with and listened to (both on the internet and in person).

There is no problem in taking advice from others, in fact it is necessary in most cases, but to take advice from just anyone on any subject is as naive as asking your english professor to teach you french.


It is ok to check the credentials of an individual before you take their advice. If you knew one of your friends liked to sleep around, would you take their advice on how to find a monogamous relationship? Or if you knew your grandma was fiscally irresponsible, would you ask her how to invest your money? If you answered yes to either question, then we have some deeper work to do.

Otherwise, continue to look within yourself for questions and go to those who are qualified for the answers.

Tinashe Hwande

Edited by. Tayla Hasselbach