It’s Not What it Looks Like (Assume Nothing)

Never trust your eyes and always question your judgments.

Our eyes are like CNN or Fox News, they often lie. Not because they mean to be deceitful, but because we see life through bias lenses. It is close to impossible to see the “full picture” in any situation. Our eyes have limited view points and our minds can only process so much information, this is why I stopped accepting my own story as the whole truth.


When I speak my mind, I do exactly that, speak my mind, I give those around me a glimpse of my perspective. If they happen to relate, then that’s beautiful, but what’s just as important is the perception of those who see life in a very different way. I am now learning that I cannot attain any new information if all I do is refer to my own senses.

I used to be the sort of person that only watched and listened to information that affirmed my perspective and viewed this as “gaining knowledge”. I fed my ego by researching my own truths and ignoring the opinions of others subconsciously. I would hear others out, but to internalize their point of view was outside of my paradigm.

It is against the nature of our bodies to accept information that contradicts our habits, so to question ourselves is one of the hardest actions we could possibly take. Yet it is the most necessary in order to fully embrace life in a holistic manor.


The meat eating version of me laughed at the idea of veganism and would never entertain the thought because I believed that my viewpoint was real. This was until I took my head out of the sand and saw the travesties of factory farming as well as the physical impact of my preconceived lifestyle.



We must continue to question what we perceive as truth. We must test our theories and see if they hold true after hearing every side of the conversation.



Tinashe Hwande

Edited by. Tayla Hasselbach